Solstice Park has already proven itself as a thriving business park, creating a valuable platform for economic growth and job creation in south Wiltshire.

The strategic location of Solstice Park, with its well-designed infrastructure, attract a diverse range of businesses, contributing to the vibrant local economy.

In addition to its existing success, Solstice Park adheres to a comprehensive set of rules for operators, meticulously designed to ensure that businesses do not create an unreasonable burden on local residents. These guidelines cover various aspects such as noise control, waste management, and operational hours, creating a harmonious environment for both the businesses and the community. The effectiveness of these rules has been demonstrated over time, and they will continue to apply the proposed extension to Solstice Park.

This proposed extension is set to be a significant boon for south Wiltshire, providing an estimated 2,000 new jobs and further bolstering the local economy. An extension to Solstice Park will also offer additional commercial space for new and expanding businesses, fostering innovation and growth in various industries. The community can expect increased investment and opportunities as a result of the extension to Solstice Park.

Moreover, the strategic location of Solstice Park, with its seamless access to the A303, is particularly beneficial for distribution businesses. By attracting these companies, Solstice Park assists in helping to redirect heavy goods vehicle (HGV) traffic away from local roads and Salisbury City Centre.

In conclusion, Solstice Park has established itself as an economic powerhouse within the region, providing a rare opportunity for sustainable growth and employment. Its well-structured guidelines protect the interests of the local community, while the planned extension is poised to create additional jobs and foster further economic development. Solstice Park’s location, coupled with its dedication to maintaining a harmonious environment, also contributes to improved traffic conditions in the surrounding areas, making Solstice Park a vital asset to the region.


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