Welcome to

Solstice Park

a thriving 160-acre strategic employment and logistics hub that proudly employs over
2,500 people. Our vision includes expanding Solstice Park to generate even more job opportunities.

Conveniently situated on the A303, Solstice Park boasts exceptional connectivity to major regional and local road networks, encompassing the South West, South Coast, London, and the Midlands.

Established almost 25 years ago, Solstice Park has been instrumental in fostering prosperity, job growth, and vibrancy in South Wiltshire. Solstice Park has evolved to encompass not only industrial and distribution companies, but also a diverse array of local amenities, such as leisure, food, retail, and fitness facilities.

Inward investment in Wiltshire has flourished as a result of Solstice Park’s success, as businesses from across the UK relocate here and contribute to the region’s economic growth. Recognising its vital role in the Amesbury and South Wiltshire community, Wiltshire Council has designated Solstice Park as one of the County’s Principal Employment Areas a testament to its significance in the local economy, employing over 2,500 people.

In light of its ongoing success, Solstice Park is exploring the possibility of expanding its eastern boundary. This expansion aims to amplify financial and investment opportunities for the region while minimising the impact on the local environment, both visually and ecologically.

Why now? There is booming nationwide demand for more commercial space. This is a fantastic opportunity for Wiltshire to capitalise on Solstice Park’s status as a destination for growing businesses.

Why here? Technical assessments show Solstice Park is the most ideal, most sustainable location in south Wiltshire for commercial development, bolstering its position as a business hub.

Over 20 years proven track record

Excellent connectivity from A303 to junction M3 and A34

Currently employs over 2,500 people

Expansion could create over 2,000 jobs

Most ideal site in south Wiltshire

30 miles to Southampton Port 

EV charging points

24 hour access, 365 days of the year

EPC rating A

Superb food, hotel, leisure, and service facilities